Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slowly Normal

I am slowly coming back to the "land of the living". School started at the normal time this morning, and preschool was on as well. I think we were all excited to get back to normal again. I was hit hard this morning by the reality of what goes on in the house when Mama is sick. Basically kids get fed, and bathed. Soooo, the kitchen was a war zone, the playroom was ridiculous, and the mountain of dirty laundry is staring at me each time I pass the bathroom. Add to that the snow paraphernalia that was left all over, and you have it in a nut shell. As I was loading the dishwasher this morning, G was nice enough to let me know about a plate that was under the couch, lol. I ventured upstairs to find out that Levi never completely unpacked from his trip, and Wyatt had food in his room. On a positive note, Wyatt did help the buddies clean their room yesterday, and Levi vacuumed the living room. AND they got the trash rounded up and the recycling together and out to the end of the driveway, because today is trash day. Okay, I think I have drained my energy for the day. I am going to lay down before I have to get back to preschool in a short while.


Montee said...

It is true that mamas can't get sick for one day. My house is usually in a shambles when I get back to normal after being sick. Just take your time getting it done because I'm sure you are sill not 100%. it's hard for me to take that advice because I have to have everything back in place as soon as possible. Welcome back to normal!

raising4boys said...

Sorry your family has been sick. That is the worst when they all get it and then Mom. Glad your house survived, for the most part, lol! Too funny about the plate under the couch. Hope you are feeling 100% REAL soon :)