Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Planter is Coming, The Planter is Coming

Well the planter was scheduled to arrive last Saturday evening. Friday, the truck driver called and asked if he could come earlier because you can't haul large loads in NC on Sundays. Who knew? Anyway, the hubs called me to come and take pics of it, and bring him some cake. So as I am walking up, he takes a pic of me with the bowl of cake. Like I am some kind of cake addict, when in fact, I rarely eat the stuff.
Here it is people. A Kinze planter, all the way from a farm in Missouri. Landon looked at me and asked,"What do you think?" "It's BIG", I replied.
Don't know what he is doing here. Just getting a good look at everything I guess. This is what it was like at the farm show in Georgia. I was standing around while the hubs climbed up, on, and under equipment.
Isn't this a cute shot? Like, how many men does it take to watch a semi back-up in the driveway. Shadow is even interested in this event.
The other day he installed the row cleaners that he drove up North to purchase for it. He even tried it out in a field yesterday. Just for fun.
I can't express how enormous this piece of equipment is. I will have to post a shot of the old planter and the new one. I'm thinking this one is going to always require a follow behind vehicle.
The semi unhooked and pulled forward, and the unloading began. The trailer lowered with hydraulics, and then Landon hooked it to the 48.
Ahhh, finally old faithful is getting the love and admiration it deserves. That is the first tractor we ever bought. We purchased it from Landon's uncle. We rode off into the sunset on it the day we got married. We pinched and scrapped to get the engine rebuilt, and buy new tires for it. The boys have taken many a nap in that cab. Y'all just don't even know how sad it has been to see it parked in the father-in-laws garage all these years.


Cliff said...

I'm glad I missed out on the night of sickness you guys had. I'm glad all survived.
The planter looks new. You'll like that one. The neighbor I hire to plant my beans uses one like it but it's a 16 row split.
I still use my old JD for the corn. It doesn't get any better than the excitement this kind of thing causes on a farm.
Oh, yeah, uh I didn't get offered any cake. But that's okay. I'll get over it.

Carolina Mama said...

This is so cool! Amazing. I love learning all of this. Do you host field trips! :) Hey, how is Joseph? I can link here and get others praying. Have you posted it somewhere with a link? Keep me posted. Prayers.

Shannon said...

Cliff, it was pretty exciting! It will be more-so to see it in action later.

Fantastagirl said...

Kinda like a kid at Christmas! Hope it works great!

twin power mommy said...

What an amazing piece of machinery!
I tell ya...seeing all the stuff that goes into that food i eat really makes me appreciate the farming industry!!!