Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks Uncle Shaun

The following pics are for Uncle Shaun, who called from Wyoming on the Monday before Christmas to ask us to help him do his shopping.  Grandpa Dan got two new pairs of coveralls.  We heard his old ones were shredded.  
Uncle Clay got a battery charger for his car, to stop the late night phone calls for a jump.
The big boys each got a phone for their room.  I also got one, and now we can talk to each other on it via intercom, so no more yelling.  W called me from upstairs yesterday to see if I was cooking breakfast or not, lol.
The buddies got an AquaDoodle for the car for trips, also works well for church.  All together now.....
THANK YOU UNCLE SHAUN, you did a great job (wink wink)!!!


twin power mommy said...

Aqua Doodle is the BEST!!!
One of my favorite things to let the kids play with.

I just love the pictures you put up.

Seeing how other families' Christmas was just puts a smile on my face! ;0)

raising4boys said...

I do the shopping with my Grandpa's money too, isn't it the best?! Then you get them just what they want.

We have a large aqua doodle, but I didn't know they had a travel one. I'll have to check that one out!