Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is....

Christmas Eve night after we went to bed, I kept hearing different boys sneaking down the stairs to take a peek in the living room.  Finally, at 6am, I decided to go ahead and get up and fix my hair before the boys got up for "real".  While I was doing my make-up, the bathroom door opened.  It was Wyatt.
W- MAMA... you scared me!
Me- Why?  Because you should be sleeping?
W- I came downstairs at 3:30 this morning. (Like I didn't know, this child is incapable of being quietly sneaky)
Me- Really?
W- Yep. (proud of himself)
Me- Did Santa come?
W- Oh, yeah!  I saw a white box that said Mac Book on it.
Me- No... you didn't. (mock disbelief)  Maybe Santa just used that box for something else.
W- Oh, it WAS a Mac Book, AND there is a little box beside of it that says Apple Care.  So.... it HAS to be a Mac Book.  I'm going to wake up the buddies.
Me- Hold on there fancy pants, don't you dare wake them up until Daddy gets the camcorder on, and we are ready.
W- How long is that going to take!
Me- Probably 18 years.
W- MOOOOOMMMMMM, that wasn't funny.



CC said...

so..you got the MacBook???? You must've been good this year!!!

Carolina Mama said...

Welcome to the Mac Family! :) You'll love it. Let me know if I can help. Of course, it has to be totally easy. :)

Shannon said...

Oh is was! We were already on the Mac bandwagon, we got a desktop last fall. It was love at first sight, lol.

dave said...

This is a good picture, Honey, and will be a great memory.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that Wyatt's pajamas look a little like prison garb? Just asking. I helped Mom take down all her Christmas stuff today. We started before 10 and finished about 2:30. Whew...but we're done.

Shannon said...

They remind me of Harry potter.

Kimber said...

I wish my guys were early risers on Christmas. Never have they ever been up before me. I remember as a child waking before daylight. This was the earliest year so far with 1 up at 7:30.

Fantastagirl said...

The excitement of the day - only 18 years?

raising4boys said...

Hehehe... I love torturing them. I made my boys wait to open all the good presents last :)