Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It seems that allot of people are posting about how they can't keep up with their son.  How weird it is that he is climbing on everything and getting into everything.  This quite frankly makes me chuckle with glee.  Why?  Because all four of my boys have at some point or another gotten into everything and climbed on everything.  Levi was taking baby gates apart with screw drivers at the age of two.  He even removed the doors to our entertainment center once with a found screw driver from his dads pocket.  ALL of our kids climbed over gates, on top of the cabinets, and out of their cribs.  Also they all were in the ER at some point or another before the age of two.  The buddies got into the cereal and poured out more than one container, of the flavor of the month at the time.  They drew all over my bathroom cabinets with water proof eyeliner and lipstick one Christmas Eve.  Wyatt drew on the hallway walls with a Sharpie right after we moved here, he was 2.  He also painted on my kitchen cabinets and the old kitchen closet doors.  This year alone we have had three staples in the head, three x-rays, five stitches, and two chins glued shut with Durmabond.  My point?  It is normal boy behavior.  They are rambunctious.  They make huge messes.  They get hurt in freak accidents.  It makes them who they are, and I wouldn't change a thing about them.  I love my sons, they have made me a better person, wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt.  My mom always said God knows who to give boys to, and to that I say..... THANK YOU!

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!!  It is "Major Cleaning Day" here, gotta go.


Elizabeth said...

Yep, I'm one of the ones who posted about the crazy boy-ape in our house.
No, he hasn't tried to climb the fridge. YET. Ugh!
I like to daydream about living in a padded cell, or a hut with a dirt floor.
Thankfully, I'll always have the Magic Eraser for Sharpies on the walls. :)
Thanks for the perspective. Can't wait to start visiting the ER. Heh, heh.

Fantastagirl said...

LOL... you've got this one right. Boys are messy, get into everything, and have the most FUN! And I would never trade my boy for anything.

Amanda said...

Yep, you just described my boys, and I've only got 2. The best is when they write their name on the wall in the Sharpie and then say they didn't do it. I saw a comic's stand up act once and he said that boys cause collateral damage that you can measure in dollars and girls will try to guilt you into things as a parent and cause psychological damage LOL.

Shannon said...

Sounds about right, lol!

twin power mommy said...

ALL of my friends who have boys have that "typical" boy behavior that would scare me to death or drive me batty.
I am so blessed that God knows what kinds of boys to give to what kinds of moms, cause i would not last long with a "typical" boy. It's just too much for me...

I am blessed that my son is rather mellow, and a bit on the scaredy cat side of things. He's not too adventurous and a bit cautious. I like that...that's the kinda boy i can deal with ;0}