Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Murphy's Law 101

Tomorrow we are having the hubs family over for Christmas breakfast.  My family is coming over for Christmas supper.
This morning I vacuumed, swept, and mopped the kitchen floor.

Someone will spill their drink at lunch today.  It is inevitable people.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


The Grissom Family said...

Make them go outside with any food and drink matter how cold and maybe they will be more careful...or you can break out the sippy cups again.

BE said...

Well, you know it's not a real house without a sticky floor, lol. I have already swept the kitchen twice today and it's only 10:20 am. Good Luck.

Shannon said...

I spilled some Sunny D already.

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas! (Yes I'm on the computer on Christmas Day. DH won't let me wake him until at least 6, and the kids are still sleeping.)

raising4boys said...

I hate Murphy's Law...LOL! You are the one that spilled? Oh, well, at least you know it was clean once!