Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hallway Before

Okay, because you have all been so patient.... here is the hallway before.
It was nasty, narrow, and dark.  Before we moved in, we ripped off the seventies wallpaper, and that was it.  
Look at the mysterious ugly trim on the stairs.  I can say with pride, it is gone.  As is the sheet rock going up the stairs.
Ah, what a look.  Paint it to LOOK like wood.  Anywho, Landon got a wild hair right before Danny was coming and took the sheetrock down.  The whole hallway is beadboard under there.  Real beadboard.
Not wanting to open a can of worms we only did the stairs, eyeballed it, wondered why on earth anyone would cover it, and decided to cover the sheetrock, lol.  Someone is going to have a real hay day 70 years from now..... I can just hear them.  Hey, there is sheetrock under the beadboard.  And BEADBOARD under the SHEETROCK!   More pics tomorrow.

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raising4boys said...

Love the before and after pictures!! The hallway looks amazing. So great to get projects done. I'm sure you are LOVING it!