Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Cards

The other night I had narrowed the search for a Christmas Card photo down to two choices.  The hubs came home and I eagerly showed him the two cards on the Kodak website.
"Hmmm", he says.  "What... those pictures are really great!" I defended.  "I can't see much of the truck", he replied.
"How about we take the kids out and do a card of the semi", I said dryly.  "Happy Holidays from us to you.... heck why stop at just the semi, let's get the combine in on the action too.  Wouldn't want it to think we are playing favorites!"
He laughed.


CC said...

you are on the ball girl! i have to get going on the card thing too!

Shannon said...

I wouldn't really call it on the ball. I had the heart attack on the 30th when I realized we were running out of time, lol.

Rocker_MoM said...

dang, I dont even buy mine till, well...whenever i remember..so your on top of it.

BE said...

Too funny! At least with trucks you don't have to worry about kids running out of the frame, fighting, frowning faces, closed eyes, whining and on and on and on! I haven't gotten mine done yet either- working on it though!

twin power mommy said...

That's funny!
Gave me a good laugh for the night! :D

raising4boys said...

LOL!! At least you know where his priority are. J/K Maybe you need to make a card with multiple pictures on it. :)