Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Buddy Birth Facts

How much did the buddies weigh at birth?
S- 7 pounds (even, I know it was weird) 21 inches long
G-6 pounds even ( yeah, weird) 19 1/2 inches long

What kind of birth did you have?
A scheduled C-section.  It was the best of the three.  

Spinal block.  I can't have any more epidurals.  Bad experience.

No, regular nursery.

How long were you in the hospital?
The regular three days for a section, just like the other two.

How was the pregnancy?
Just like the other two.  I wasn't HUGE, people never believed that I was having twins.  I was never put on bed rest or anything.  I just took the cues from my body, if I felt tired I would go watch TV in the bed for a few hours with Wyatt.  

How many weeks did they make it?
They were born exactly four weeks before the regular due date.  That is normal for twins.  

Why October 6th?
It was the first day the doctor said she had available, and we jumped on it.  I was pretty miserable there at the end.

You couldn't wait and have them on your anniversary?
No, not at the time, lol!

How did you get through those first few months?
We put them on a schedule and we NEVER deviated from it.  If one woke up, we woke up the other one.  If it was time for a feeding, and they were sleeping... we woke them both up.  After a few days, they caught on.

Join a warehouse club like Sam's or B.J.'s.  We grocery shopped for EVERYTHING once a month.  I had a full cabinet of formula and a closet for diapers and wipes.  I also would order my groceries on-line.  Come spring planting season, the hubs didn't have the time to go with me.  Sam's would pull them and scan them before I arrived.  All I had to do was walk in and pay for them, and they would load up the Suburban.  Ten minutes tops.  It is awesome, I highly recommend it.  They don't charge extra for this service, anyone can use it if your order is big enough.

Hardest time?
Right after the buddies were born, Levi got sick.  Then Landon got pneumonia, then Wyatt got sick.  Two weeks after I came home, I got Bell's Palsy on the right side of my face.  That was followed by strep throat.  Thanksgiving week, the chicken pox started going around the first grade at Mount, and L got it.  Two weeks after THAT, Wyatt got it... ten times worse.  Two weeks after that S got it, and two weeks after that, G got it.  Yep, they were almost three months old at the time.  But, it wasn't bad.  They LOOKED terrible, but they didn't scratch or anything like the older two did.  So, if you are counting someone had the chicken pox from Thanksgiving through New Years.  Fun times people, lol.   

Ha!  Random people would stop me and want to CHAT about the buddies, and ask me questions, and TOUCH them, or tell me about their neices cousins neighbor that has twins.  I guess they didn't realize that I was doing good to be dressed, with newborn twins, out shopping alone, and on a serious time frame, before someone needed another bottle or pooped in their diaper.  I noticed that even if I answered with a nod, they just kept on talking and following me around.

Diaper bag?
My diaper bag was regular size.  It had three diapers in it, a baggy of wipes, one clean outfit and socks, two bottles, and my checkbook and cell phone.  I kept other supplies out in the car like more clothes and diapers, and a canister of formula and water bottles.  No need to lug all of that around everywhere.  When they were older, I changed out the bottles for sippy cups and snacks.  A small sucker can work wonders for when you are trying to check out, and they are fighting with one another.  I didn't carry a pocketbook for three years, the diaper-bag was my pocketbook.  

What is in the back of your car NOW?
A huge first aid kit, an umbrella, and a case of water bottles.  Don't laugh people, boys get in the weirdest freak accidents.  And... someone is always thirsty!

Let me know if you have anymore questions.  I am here to serve.


Amanda said...

That was an interesting read! And I'm not laughing, I have about the same stuff in the back of my car, but add a stroller, blanket, and small rubbermaid container with non perishable snacks like crackers. Someone's always hungry too. LOVE the sucker idea. I"m going to start carrying Dum Dums. My lil guy always gets cranky when I'm checking out, but not while I'm shopping for some reason.

Carolina Mama said...

A flat of water and peanut butter crackers for the hungry. Umbrella. Love your rock the vote button!

And I added a pumpkin pic I meant to put up and it reminded me of you on the farm ! ;)

Marel Lecone said...

That really was interesting. You should totally be on some parenting blog with that information. I'm going to have to pass it on to the next crazy person I meet . . . I'm just kidding!! You are totally an amazing person. Hope all is well. Is it cooling down nicely where you are?

Cliff said...

I had no ideer sams would do that. (do you know what they call a deer with no eyes? A: No eye deer.)
Interesting stuff with the twins. You had a bad time for a while. Glad all is well.

twin power mommy said...

That's funny to read about another mom's experiences with her twins.
Mine wasn't quite like that.

Born: 15 weeks TOO early.

Weight: 1.2 and 1.3 pounds...SUPER SMALL!

NICU: for 109 days.

Hard when they came home: of course! i had two tiny babies that need super special attention, all kinds of meds on specific hours, but not necessarily for both girls at the same exact time. I had to do a dry erase board in a grid, to mark when i gave a dose of something, to whom i gave it and when the other one would need their dose. It wasn't easy.

I did't go through a household of other sick kiddos, though, PRAISE GOD!

My diaper bag was quite huge. I carried EVERYTHING in there. I also carried two canisters of oxygen and tried to fit it all in the bottom portion of the double stroller i had. Not easy going out into public by myself, but i did it.

I went out into public only if i could go when there wouldn't be alot of people. I didn't mind stopping to answer questions, but i, too HAD A TIME SCHEDULE! Two babies that get fussy isn't easy to deal with when you're out and about.

I also hated when people or KIDS would want to touch my babies. Their immune system was already compromised and i couldn't be too careful with making sure they didn't get any kinds of germs from ANYBODY!

It took me months before i even allowed most family members to touch and hold.

No one was welcomed in my house for fear of sickness and germs. It was bad!

Once they got a bit older and more strong, i loosend up. I got a kick outta people in the stores watching my girls walk (at 14 months) but they looked like they were 6 months. I always had people ask me, "they're walking already. how old are they?"
Then i would chuckle and say "they'd better be walking, they ARE 14 months old!"

It gave me a good laugh.

Oh, those were the days...