Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Few Corn Pics

Wyatt spent, almost, the whole day with the hubs last Saturday riding in the combine and unloading trucks.  I kept waiting for the phone call.  You know, the "come pick up so & so, they are ready to go home".  But it never came.  He was having too much fun.
  I love seeing the field like this with the passes made evenly through the corn rows.  Anyone know where this field is?  Shaun, any guesses?
If you said Helen's, you were correct.  Here you can see some of the old dairy barn in the background.  The hubs great-grandfather and grandfather ran a dairy way back when.   They suffered a great loss from a fire in one of the buildings, and never were truly able to get back on their feet.  The hubs has MANY great memories of working in the calf barns with Shaun, and Chad.  Riding his bike in the slippery manure, knowing that he would get in trouble for it later.  But he said it was worth it, lol.  
He and Shaun had a three-wheeler, that they rode to get milk in the mornings in a glass milk jug, and bring back to their mom for breakfast.  That three-wheeler has a worn out circle on it from carrying the glass jug so many times.  
He has never wanted to do any thing else in his life, but farm.  I will never forget his grandfather riding out to a field, so he could just sit and watch Landon work.  He would sit for hours.  One afternoon I drove out to the Fisher Farm to bring the hubs some lunch.  The father-in-law was driving the bail wagon, and went flying past us.  While I was waiting on him to get back to my side of the field, his grandfather drove up beside me.  He leaned out of his window, pointed in the father-in-law's direction, and said, "I can only hope that one day, HE has a grandson that can make him as proud as I am of THAT boy!" and he pointed at Landon.  


Amanda said...

Looks like your boy had a lot of fun hanging out with dad. I have 2 boys, so we love seeing the farm equipment at work. Glad we don't live on one though with our allergies LOL.

Elizabeth said...

Cool story about the grandfather.

I wish we lived near you! I've been trying to find a "real farm" to take Katie to see. You'd think we would live near one, but can't find one close enough to visit in between the little one's naptimes. I'll keep looking. I'd like to find a dairy farm!

Fantastagirl said...

Awesome pictures! I think the smiles in the last one - say it all!