Tuesday, October 14, 2008

D is for Doughnut

Last Friday the buddies finished up the letter "D" at St. John's Preschool.
All of the parents were invited for a breakfast of coffee, juice and doughnuts to celebrate "D is for Doughnuts".  
Either I am getting old, or Krispy Kreme has started double dipping those things in the sugar.  The kiddos didn't seem to mind though.
Isn't he just the cutest thing?  How would you like to have been their teachers last Friday after all of that sugar?  Now I know why the buddies were so rotten at What-a-burger and Sam's, with Grandmama and I.  =)


Amanda said...

Oh my, I think if I were the teacher we would have saved the donuts for last and then had the parents take the kids home. And yes I agree, Krispie Kremes are sickeningly sweet, but my DH and kids love them. They don't get how I can eat a whole pound bag of M&M's in one sitting but not the KK donuts. It's a different kind of sweet.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I thought I was going to throw up from the sweetness. Those three bites sat like a rock in my stomach for hours after that.

Fantastagirl said...

KK are a little too sweet - my kids love them! Very rarely do we get them though.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Adorable pics! I love it when my little guy comes home from "school" and I can tell what the letter of the day is. (OK, so there's a chart on my fridge telling me what they're learning about each week, but you know what I mean.)

twin power mommy said...

Did someone say COFFEE?!

I'd have been there!

That IS a sweet face! Wanna just pinch that cheek.