Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy 33!!!

Happy Birthday Landon!!!  I just realized that everytime you are an age that is the same number twice, 33, Levi is too (11).  How cool is THAT!  I know you would rather be in Georgia at the farm show, like last year.  So here are two pics to tide you over.  And... we always have the memories of the smoked, delicious, melt in your mouth, pork chops from the FFA.
Hopefully next year we can make it!  Anyone want to sign up to babysit for three days next year?  

Side note to baby Anna, I know your Dad said he would prefer you not be born on his buddy's birthday, but believe is okay!  We all can't wait to see you.  There is a John Deere hat with your name on it! 


Cliff said...

A big Happy Birthday to Landon and many, many more.
I really liked your story on the 'Last Few Corn Pics.'
I'll pass on the babysitting. Your kids would get tired of hearing "Where is your Mother?"
Our grandkids hear that from time to time.
We're near the end of a rain delay. Hope to start on the corn today if we can find some dry enough.

Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest son!
I can't believe you are really 33 year old! You are exactly 20 years younger than me! And my mother was exactly 20 years older than me!
Landon, I am so proud of the man, husband and father you have become! You are great at everything you touch! I love you and will see you Saturday!


Rockin' it up said...

Happy Birthday Landon! I would have gotten you something, maybe something for your computer, but then I would have had to teach you how to use it :). LOL. Hope you do something fun for you birthday!

Shannon said...

Leigh, too funny! Next time you come you can teach me how to use the Mac Windows, lol.

BE said...

Happy Birthday, Landon. Hope you get to spend it doing something fun!

Flip Flop Momma said...

happy birthday....we are the same we are both old, so tell him not to feel bad..

twin power mommy said...

Happy birthday to your hubby.

That's cool...the age thing. 33 and i making sense? It's rather late brain doesn't work as well....