Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take It On The Road

Many people don't know this about the hubs, but he can be pretty funny.  I am always telling him to "write this stuff down" and take his show on the road.  Last year he had struggled with what seemed like a sinus infection for about a week.  After listening to him talk sounding like he was full of snot and in a tunnel, I MADE him go to the doctor.
Those darn people couldn't find anything wrong with him and asked, very puzzled, as to why he came.  Want to know what his reply was?  "I don't ALWAYS sound this sexy."  Yep, that is what he said to the doctor and nurse.
The other day he stopped by a friends shop.  He had three box fans plugged into the same outlet.  The hubs pounced.  "Chad... you can't have three box fans plugged into the same outlet."  "What?" asked Chad.  "You can't have three of the SAME thing plugged into the outlet, Chad, YOU should know that." replied Landon.  "You can have TWO box fans, and one light...... or you could have one compresser, a box fan and a drill..... or you could have (he rambled on and on listing different items)...."  By now Chad was just staring at him.  The hubs has the uncanny ability to appear serious, it is hard to know when he is "BS-ing" and not.   
Finally, the hubs couldn't take it any longer and burst out laughing.  "Awwww, I'm just kidding you Chad."  "That's good... because I thought you had lost your darn mind!"  replied Chad.

(side note:  some four letter words have been replaced for the faint of heart.... I KNOW that Chad doesn't say DARN, lol)


Colleen said...

If our husbands ever met they'd probably be fast friends! My hubs does his fair share of BSing, too - and his fair share of toys! (I see 'em in those pics. ;o) Someday soon we hope to be out of our little(ish) house and on more land where he can play with 'em. (I don't kid myself - the 'more space' isn't for the kids to play, its for Jay!)

Colleen said...

Oh, and I ♥ your new blog layout!

Shannon said...

Thanks Colleen! I hear you on the more space for the hubs to play on, lol.

Elizabeth said...

I was born in Charlotte. My sister lives in Pinehurst now. We go visit about once a year. I grew up in GA, and being in NC makes me miss all the trees - especially the pine trees. Don't have those in Missouri!