Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nine Eleven

Wow, I can't believe it is nine eleven again.  So soon.  Where were you on that day?  What were you doing, how did you feel?  I had just dropped L and W off at West Stanly Baptist, to go and teach my craft class.  I wasn't even down the driveway, when Ace and T.J. started breaking into the broadcast saying that something weird had happened in New York.  They were so intrigued that they had pulled a small television set into the studio, to see for themselves.  All of a sudden, they started screaming and yelling.  The SECOND plane had crashed, and now we knew that this wasn't just an accident.  I could hardly drive on to the class, as emotions flooded my brain.  Cars started pulling into the church parking lot, and random people were running into the sanctuary to pray for our nation.  Trying to figure out what was going on.  Why was this happening to US... AMERICA?  I called Landon, and he was already in the house watching it on the TV with everyone at the shop.  Later we heard about the next two planes, and watched it so many times on TV, that we had to turn off the darn thing.  It was just too much.  I believe that Bush did what he should have done, we should have fought back.  We have NEVER fought back, or finished a war.  I don't know what the answer is today, but I am thankful for all the men, women, and boys that serve this country.  When I found out that I was pregnant with the twins, an old lady at the school asked me if I knew what I was having.  I told her we wanted to be surprised.  She replied that she knew what they would be.  What, how?  She said that I would have two boys, because during war times more boys are born than girls to replace the ones that are being lost.  She couldn't have been more correct.  


Debra said...

I will never forget that day! I was just flying into New York, Laguarda's airport, to do a presentation with the Durham Bulls, ball team president, previous job.
I just missed the explosion by 5 minutes. I had gotten a taxi and was in route to meet. I was so distraught! I could not believe what had happened. While in the taxi, I asked the driver, what was all the smoke from, he said I don't know. He did not have the radio on. But, once I arrived at the office, they told me. I could not phone my boys, my boss, or my mother. I was in a town, all alone, scared to death. I was just flying up for the day, not planning to stay. The man that I met, said not to worry, he would make sure I could get home. He got me a rental car, mapped my route and I droce all the way home alone. I did spend the night half way home, and headed home the next morning. What a Day! One I will never forget!


Fantastagirl said...

I remember, and I haven't forgotten.

BE said...

I remember too. Bailey was almost 5 months old, so I was at home. I just happened to have the TV on and saw both planes hit. I was in shock, and just sat there stunned watching the news. I agree with you about the war too.
I can't believe how it seems like it was just a year or 2 ago, when it has really been 7 years since it happened.

Gretchen said...

It's a day I'll never forget either. My thoughts on it are over at my blog. It's too long to put in your comments.

Kelsey said...

I will never forget the fear I felt that day. Just astounding!