Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Finally got to use the two free movie tickets that I got from American Eagle.  We went to a 2:40 show, so the other tickets were just five dollars each.  Igor was the only cartoon playing, and it was quite good.  I was afraid that the Mills would be crowded on a Sunday afternoon, but there were only a handful of people in the theater that we were in.  
Here is a shot of my stars, with their 3D glasses from the back of the kids packs.  And yes, I have given into the whole "stripes with camo" look.  Apparently, the male species thinks it matches and I give up.  The older boys went too, but asking them to stand in front of a big dog poster in the mall was too much to ask.  (yes, we have hit that phase)  We tried to swing by The Children's Place before the movie for a few shirts, but that place was packed.  The entire store had been ransacked, like Food Lion before a snow flurry.  I'll just wait for their birthday coupon to come, and try again.  G kept asking me where his shirt was when we got home.  We couldn't figure out what he was talking about.  Finally, Levi said "Ohhhh, he thinks we BOUGHT that shirt he tried on!"  Kids....you just never know what they are REALLY thinking!



Debra said...

Thank you! I am beginning to feel really old!

The twins look so adorable in their outfits!

I love the email invitation too!


Fantastagirl said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

My kids don't understand the trying on, and deciding not to get shopping either - even if it doesn't fit. Silly kids!