Monday, July 14, 2008

Fort Fisher

As is our beach custom, we rode the ferry out to Fort Fisher one morning.  L has been asking to go to the cove so we decided to check it out.
And here we are.  I don't know why I have never walked on this before.  It is a man made division, that creates a cove on one side.  During high tide part of it is under water.  We were one hour away from full high tide, so we didn't try to go all the way around.
Some kids were on a field trip in the cove collecting sea life, and others were taking kayak lessons.  Here is the future photographer of Time magazine.  W gets some really great shots.
L posing at the top of the path back to the car.
Back on the ferry to Southport.  This is G pointing at the other boat.  The little people really get a kick out of riding the ferry!


Carolina Mama said...

I love your vacation. And what great pics. You did get great ones of the boys. Like you said, we have to capture those 'best friends' memories... :) The TIgers are saving up for their own digital cams. They love ours and I am not wanting to give it up constantly or worry it will get broken. They have the Disney ones that are $20 that you see the pics once you download. Is that what your guy the Times Photographer has? ;) That seems perfect for the 7 yr olds. What do you think?

Shannon said...

I haven't gotten him a digital one yet. He begs for one almost daily, lol. Right now he uses the Kodak disposable ones. I agree that a cheaper one is a great way to go for the 7-9 age range. W will be 9 in August.... maybe a birthday present?

BE said...

fun stuff. We haven't been out to the cove either. We may check it out next year. This year was the first year that we never left the island, except to go play mini golf and stop in the Pacific beach store.

Kelsey said...

WHat absolutely adorable photos! We have the v-tech digi camera for Yasmine and she adores it! The camera was only 50 so for us a great b-day present!

Fantastagirl said...

I love the photos, and the kids look like they were having some fun!

We gave the kids our oldest digital camera (an olympus D-100) to use on our vacation and life was sooo much easier, no more worries about them dropping our good camera.

Heather's World said...

Awww! That looks like soo much fun. I love to go to the cove, it is a great photo op. And, it is really relaxing too. BTW, you were only like 5mi from my house! :-)