Monday, July 28, 2008

Discovery Place

Yesterday we took the boys to Discovery Place.  They still have allot of the exhibits that were there when I was a kid, the rainforest, and some animals.  But the rest was new.  They are showing the new Batman movie on the IMax screen, and have exhibits on Pompeii, and dinosaurs.  Here you see L standing in front of a blue screen learning how the Channel Nine Weather Team produces a segment.  All I can say is, after watching the boy get his groove on dancing and singing in front of it... watch out Steve Udelson, lol.
Wyatt was fascinated by many things, including this one of a tornado.  You could make it change directions by interrupting the air flow.  He stayed over there for quite some time.  He is starting to show a love of Science like Levi, and an interest in all things electrical.
Everyone helped build an arch, and then watched the hubs stand it up.  Helpful hint: if you have little ones don't go near the downstairs exit.  There is an indoor playroom there that will fascinate them beyond belief and you may never get to finish the place.  Or, take Grandmama and let her sit in there and watch them while you roam freely with the older kids.
S is doing one of the poses he is getting famous for.  The boys weren't all that into the dinosaurs.  They basically stormed though the whole thing in about twenty minutes. ( Thank goodness we didn't pay extra for the Pompeii part.)  There was a program over in the corner going on upstairs.  The darn scientist kept blowing things up, and scaring the crap out of me.  The hubs asked me what was burning, and I pointed over to the class, lol.
The last exhibit we saw was one on levers, and pulleys.  You could move  small rocks from point A to point B, using all kinds of cool things.  W said he could have stayed at that one all day.  They even had two augers at the end of it.  I told the buddies that was what our augers looked like on the inside when Daddy was unloading or loading soybeans and grain.  They even had a four-wheeler in there you could lift.... great hands-on stuff!  
After Discovery Place, we stopped by Southpark Mall to visit the Apple Store.  But, alas, Apple was giving away a free IPod if you bought a computer, and the place was packed.  There was even a line waiting to get in.  Landon was wondering out-loud if Apple purposely makes it difficult to get to a store.  There are only TWO in North Carolina, and they are small inside.  Is it a marketing ploy?  
We came home and the hubs and L caught five young bulls to take to the sale barn.  We all rode out to Rimer to drop them off for today's sale.  And to borrow a phrase from the father-in-law.... it was "hotter than cow piss" at that darn sale barn yesterday.  How was your Sunday?  Ours was pretty full, if I do say so myself. :)


BE said...

I was just telling Shaun on Saturday that we should take the kids to Discovery Place sometime. It looks like you had a lot of fun.

The Apple Store is always crowded or at least everytime go by it when we are at SouthPark. We haven't actually gone in it, but it looks crowded. Computer sales for Back to school are going on now, so I imagine they'll stay busy for sure. I have wondered why they don't have kiosks at other malls instead of just the one store in Charlotte.

Shannon said...

B and G would LOVE Discovery Place, especially if you get a sitter for Luke. The kids also had fun walking in downtown looking at the buildings.
When we bought our computer in October, the store wasn't crowded at all. I guess we just have to go in the mornings on a week-day from now on. Bring on preschool, woohoo!

Kelsey said...

Wow that place looks great!

Rockin' it up said...

oh man--i used to LOVE the Discovery Place! I remember the levers and the tornado exhibit from middle school!

Carolina Mama said...

What a fun time for the kids. And those bulls!!1

Vani said...

your kids are so cute. :)