Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunday Evening

Sunday evening, the bigger boys went to Grandma Debra's house (aka Landon's mom) and the little boys and I went out to eat with my "kin folk".  That was followed by swimming, and then we were back home for a combine ride.  
They waited so patiently for Daddy to get back around to where we were, and then to unload, so they could climb up.
And they're off!  David was square baling, but he never got around to me, so no pic of him working.
I did, however, finally get Mike driving the bale wagon.  The thing is so fast, I had to sit in the shade and wait for him to come back after unloading at the straw barn.  The bale wagon picks up 160 bales at a time and then unloads them in a cube into the barn.  This one was purchased by Landon's grandfather, many years ago, and was the first one on this side of the Mississippi.  
Here is my ever faithful, riding companion, Shadow.  I normally don't let him ride in the front, but since we were alone, I made an exception.  Don't think I got to ride home and relax.  I had to check the radar, and then try to figure out how long the husband had before it started raining.  (yes, the NOAA website was acting up... doesn't it always if something is coming near you?)  Then Shadow and I had to roll up all the windows in the equipment at the shop, put away bikes, get clothes off the line, and give the father-in-law a ride to the field.  BUT, it was a GLORIOUS rain.  It rained and rained and rained.  We haven't had rain in sooooo long.  All in all, it was a great Sunday evening!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!


Kelsey said...

Oh what fun!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shannon and the boys for my wonderful birthday bag. It was filled with lots of my favorite goodies! I love you!

Carey said...

so much machinery! A really enjoys looking at the pics of the farm. we are going to have to come take a tour sometime!!

Cliff said...

Nothing beats a good rain after a long dry spell. Congrats on the water.

Fantastagirl said...

Rain is always good when you are in need. Hopefully you will get the rain you need when you need it!

The bale machine is something that I haven't seen around here - but I bet it makes life easier when it comes to moving the bales.