Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday my mom and I took the boys to Carowinds.  Yep, all four of them, lol.  I haven't been there since L was born, so it was interesting to see how things had changed (or stayed the same).  Mostly the waterpark is bigger, White Lightning is gone, and all of the coasters have new names.  Even the log ride is called The Wild Thornberry's something or another, and the Scooby Doo is now the  Fairly Odd Coaster.  Anyone catching a Nick theme?  Anywhoo, the boys were great.  Remember going when you were a teenager and riding everything all day, and feeling great?  How about riding EVERY coaster four times with your little brother?  Yep, those days are long gone.  I was a little afraid of the Vertigo coming on, but I didn't ride anything that went upside down, backwards, or in circles, and was fine.  L and W are still correcting me when I call something by its old name.  When did the Scooby Doo get SO intense?  Seriously.  The buddies can't ride Rip Roaring Rapids, but they could ride THAT coaster?  Makes no sense.  We rode stuff all day and visited the waterpark.  We decided to ride the log ride one last time and then leave.  Mom and I were pooped.  The line was short and we got into the logs pretty quickly, when everything stalled.  I noticed that the water level was decreasing rapidly.   The speaker told everyone there was a problem and not to worry.  Well, after baking in that darn log for ten minutes we hopped out.  Thankfully we were close to the dock.  Others were trapped out on the ride and told to sit tight.  On the way out I asked if they were giving out anything because of the inconvenience and they said, "No, the power will be back on shortly."  Hah, did anyone see the news last night?  It STILL was out in half of the park, and it took them 41 minutes to get everyone off of the rides that were stopped.  
Buddies favorite thing.... everything.  They drove cars, boats, helicopters, planes, and rode water slides, coasters, and even went into the Haunted Mansion.  All the way through the mansion G told me he was scared, but when the ride stopped he said,"That was FUN... lets do it again!"  I think S loved the log ride the most.  L and W got a huge kick out of riding roller coasters with me and hearing me scream and yell things like, "holy crap".  And then there were the pictures with my hair going straight up and me screaming, lol.  
And to all the people who asked, YES THEY ARE TWINS.  What tipped it off.... the matching shoes, t-shirts, and bathing suits?  Or how about them letting G walk right into a ride and THEN measuring S to see if he was tall enough?  Yes, I have four boys, yes they are identical, yes we are busy, yes my hands are full, yes they are all mine.   Whew.  Bottom line, we had FUN.  (my legs are burning today, but that is a minor inconvience, lol)


BE said...

Sounds like a fun day. LOL at letting one twin on a ride and then measuring the second one.

Heather's World said...

Aw! I miss going there in the summer! Having a season pass was awesome!

Kelsey said...

Wow what fun!!

Shannon said...

It was a great day!!

Anonymous said...

It surely was. If you had told me 20 years ago that I'd still be riding roller coasters with my grandsons, I'd have laughed at you. Forget the vertigo, I need a helmet and thick padding to keep from getting bruised! I loved the look on the twins' faces in the water park when they turned a wheel or lowered a lever and water came out. It was priceless. And yes I was exhausted! Oh yes, and seeing Wyatt in the classic cars, going around the track, and bopping to the music was hilarious. A look at things to come perhaps?