Monday, June 9, 2008

Grandpa's House Inside

Okay, someone should have reminded me that I promised pictures of the inside of Grandpa's house, and never posted them.  Here we have Landon and Shaun's old-new room.  This was the room the fire started in.  Don't mind the second born above, lol.  This is his new thing.  He does a crazy pose when a camera is out.  Remind you of anyone.... Shaun E. and Shaun B.?  
In this picture S is standing in the bathroom.  Note that you can still see the front door downstairs.  There IS a new tub in there now.  Thank goodness that tiny shower has been upgraded!
Inside view of the new window area in Blake and Clay's old-new room.  Hey....that is MY shopvac from the freezer house.   Sheesh!  Anyone know where I can find a pink one, maybe then it would stay at my house, lol.
The buddies standing in what will be the hallway upstairs.  They LOVE walking through the walls and saying that they are super-heros when they are doing it.
This is what the living room looks like now.  Actually the dining room does too.  Studs and not much else.  Levi helped all day Saturday clean up the kitchen cabinets, and rehang them.  That's all I've got right now.  People keep asking me about it.  The new ductwork has been put in since I took these pics.  I will try to ride the Gator over there today and take some more for you.


Cliff said...

Wow, that looks great. It's going to be neat.
Glad the poison ivy is gone. We have bunches of that here in Nebraska. My wife is pretty receptive to it.
The pool looks like big fun for the youngsters.

Shannon said...

The pool has been a welcome relief for the 100 plus temps we have had here since last Thirsday.

BE said...

Love seeing pics of the progress! It's looking good so far.

"B" said...

Glad it is coming along so nicely! Can't wait to see the finished home!

Kelsey said...

Oh i love the fireplace!