Saturday, June 21, 2008


Look how tall the wheat is this year!  Quite amazing.  The straw barn is already full, and there are two thirds left to bale.  
I have been to John Deere three times in the past two days.  Yesterday, I told the guys that I have seen THEM more than I have seen the husband.   
 Thankfully the husband always calls ahead, and when they see me they call me right on up most times.    
This is us, waiting on Mitch to drop off a dump-truck so we can drive him back to the shop.  (Mom has started calling W her little coffee bean.  He tans like David, lol.)  
Ahhh, five more years.  Five more years, and L will be old enough to help move the husband to another field.  Glorious!


Fantastagirl said...

What a bountiful crop!

Brings back memories of when I was finally old enough to help move to another field (I think this was determined because I was the only one home, and the boys were younger than me.)

Anonymous said...

Don't wish those five years by too fast. It is nice to have another driver, but enjoy the time now. I'm trying to imagine Levi with a driver's license...but that's not as hard as imagining Stone and Gage! You'll have to hock everything just to pay for car insurance! Just kidding!

Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness I want to come take photos in your field I can just see how perfect they would be haha

Shannon said...

It IS pretty!