Thursday, June 12, 2008


Wyatt really cracks me up sometimes.  The last day of school he came home with a tooth in a baggy.  This is the same tooth that has been hanging on by a thread for two weeks now.  
W- Here is my tooth. (proudly displaying it)
Me- Who pulled it... Mrs. Raney?
W- Nope.  I did.
Me- YOU did? (thinking about how he almost died every-time I tried to wiggle it)
W- Yep. It was K I L L I N G me.  I couldn't eat my lunch, so I jerked it out.
Me- You jerked it out?
W- Yep.  It didn't bleed.  
Me- That's good.  (by now my stomach is feeling a bit queasy from thinking about the tooth jerking)
W- Yep. It was my last baby tooth.
Me- How do you know that?
W- I just know these things.  KIDS know these things mom.
Me- Right.


BE said...

too funny!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

LOVE IT...duh mom!

"B" said...

I can just hear him saying that! LOL

Shannon said...

Yeah, it was cute.

Rockin' it up said...

I'll be seeing ya'll soon! We're trying to decide where Sleepy goes this weekend since Dave has training. I may be bringing him home if we can't get our next door neighbor to watch him.