Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Am I the only one who had never noticed that grass grew in the woods, before now?  After the drought we had last year, I was amazed to see the lush grass growing amongst the trees.  Or even how bright the leaves are, for that matter.
Never again will I take a full pond of fresh rainwater for granted.  Some of you may remember the pictures of the dried up ponds.  We dug out several of them.  Thankfully we have wells in all of our   pastures, some people weren't so lucky.  They had to haul water everyday in their water trucks to the cows.
How about a lush field?  Or grass growing beside of the road?
Look how thick the pasture is!  Quite amazing.
The cows are fat and content, not like last summer when they were bellowing constantly.  Maybe weather tragedies are God's way of bringing us back to Him.  Reminding us of who provides for our every need.

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