Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Hail

Sunday afternoon we had another tornado warning, and a hail storm.  These were pretty big.  Luckily, it stopped before it got here, but we already had everything parked in the sheds just in case.  The hoods on the sprayer and the rigs are fiberglass.  This is Shaun holding some in his hands.  (I was surprised that it wasn't Landon, I never realized they had the same hands.)
Shaun and Landon decided to ride around and take some pictures.  If you recognize this crossroad, you see how close it came to the house.
There is a literal line here where it stopped.  Can you see it?
That makes one hail storm a week for the past three weeks.  And two tornado warnings!


Cliff said...

Good Morning Shannon,
I'm glad the hail missed you. I'm assuming that the growing point of the crop is still below ground there, but maybe not. Our corn is just beginning to row out. It's been in the ground a long time but is finally coming thru. I finished the corn last night and the beans will be done tomorrow. (Hired out that part. He puts in a couple hundred acres per day so it doesn't take long to put in 600 acres.)
Great photos of the old mill and family.

BE said...

Whoa, that's a lot of hail. I don't think we go any here.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. About the little chicken house--Terry and I graded the eggs in the basement of the old house. The little chicken house was for the baby chickens, just a few days old, that we got. They stayed under the brooder pans when it was cold. Then when they were laying age, we vaccinated and debeaked them and moved them to the big chicken house. During the summer we shoveled all the chicken manure out of the little house, into the manure spreader, and drove it over to the "old place" where we spread it on the fields. Ah, the good old days!

Jamie Dawn said...

That's some BIG hail!!!
I live in Hot Springs, AR. We've had quite a few tornado warnings this year. The closest one hit about half an hour from us. WHEW!