Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grandmama's House

Here are all of the kids at Great-Grandmama's house.  As you can see, the weather was night and day from Saturday to Sunday.  Only Shaun and I have had kids, imagine what it will be like when all my siblings have a couple!  And, yes, so far Bailey is the ONLY female in the family....on both sides.  But, she can hold her own.
The chicken house.  My mom and her brother sorted eggs here everyday growing up.  She has told us some great stories about her adventures.  We only know it as a shed.  It was awesome for hide and seek.  (Also bee stings, but we won't dwell on that, lol)  I took these pics because the chicken house is scheduled for demo soon.
Inside the chicken house.  We used to stand on the other side of these shelves and feed the horses.  They stick their heads into the windows for a treat.
Oh look, S has found out how much fun it is to play in here.  
Granddaddy's mill.  I have a gorgeous picture from my cousin, Mary Kathleen, but I wanted a few to play around with.  I am thinking of doing some black and whites for a collage in the playroom.  Granddaddy gave me that sign many years ago, and I had no way to get it down.  SIGH!  How great would that look in my sun-room.  How many times have Shaun and I swept that mill and porch for Granddaddy?  I loved going there, and playing with the weights in his office, smelling the smells of freshly ground oats and feed, and marveled at the huge, old-timey safe.  I only went upstairs a handful of times, because Granddaddy said it was dangerous.  And, well, on the rare occasions that Granddaddy said "no", you didn't ask questions.  


farmersdaughter4ever said...

I love the pictures. Memories are such fun sometimes! Can't you still go and get the sign? Or is it owned by someone else now?

Shannon said...

Someone else bought the building, and when I asked them, they said no. Like my cousin said, we better NOT see that on EBay later!

"B" said...

I love all the pictures- makes me cry to think that one day the mill will be gone though. It reminds me of Granddaddy so much.
I am finally caught up on all your blogs lol...I'll try to write one of my own very soon =)

Fantastagirl said...

I love the pictures, and I feel bad about the mill, and the new owner being stubborn about the sign.

Amazing how growing up - if my grandpa told me "no" I listened too - he very rarely told me no.

BE said...

love the pics. Black & whites would look awesome in the playroom.