Thursday, April 24, 2008

Riding With Daddy

Daddy and S
Conked out, riding is exhausting, lol.
Daddy and G, yes it is official....none of my kids look like me.
Say cheese
7410 and planter


Carey said...

shannon- not true! i totally see you in your boys!

Grandma Debra said...

I think Landon and Shaun look so much alike as they have gotten older.

I do think the twins look like you!


Shannon said...

Thanks, thanks, whenever I am with them without Landon, people say they look like me. Whenever Landon is there, he gets all the credit, lol.

BE said...

Cute pics! I think the buddies favor you more than the older 2, but I can see you in L & W too.

Fantastagirl said...

The farmers around here would be so jealous to see you in the fields already - have a safe planting season!

"B" said...

I love the picture of Stone asleep, reminds me of all the random places Wyatt used to fall