Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Pics

The side now.  We may or may not put a larger window upstairs here.
The new window for Blake and Clay's room.  Their room goes all the way to the back now, giving it allot more space.
Opposite side.
The husband even had time to complete the climbing wall, and build a new sandbox.
Thanks in part to Shaun, who "just likes to run the new sawmill", so there was allot of cedar ready to roll, lol.  Sorry Celeste ;)


Shannon said...

Sadly, about half of the pics on the wall were destroyed. And about a fourth were melted to the glass. So very few are left, but they are in albums now.

Shannon said...

Oh, my sis commented on how I had gotten married in the side yard there. The husband also had pics taken of himself, Dan and Shaun getting ready in his room upstairs. I am SO thankful that we have those pics now!

Rockin' it up said...

the climbing wall and house look great! Tell the boys to keep up the good work!

BE said...

It sure is busy at your house! They are doing an awesome job. especially love the climbing wall. If Landon ever gets bored with nothing to do,(lol) send him over to build us an awesome playground. It's so cool!