Friday, April 11, 2008

Injury 101

I just returned from taking G to the doctors office.  We thought he may have a broken rib.  Okay, maybe we need some back story here.  Last night, after supper I took the boys over to see Grandpa's new roof.  Then we moseyed over to the corral to take a peek at the new bull.  All four boys climbed up onto the gate to get a good look at him.  He IS quite massive after all.  He looks like our other back angus.....times three.  Oh, back to G.  Well, when I told everyone it was time to go, he fell off of the gate.  Apparently, landing on a small piece of wood with a bolt on it.  He immediately had a red protrusion on his side , and I thought broken rib.  We put ice on it and he didn't even cry very long, so we decided to wait until this morning to see the doc (also to avoid the ER).  She said he may have a slight fracture, and he has a nice hematoma under the skin.  They took a urine sample and found a spot of blood, but not enough to be concerned about.  She bound him up with an ace bandage, and sent us home with strict orders of what to keep an eye out for.  So here we are.  Guess what?  He hasn't complained since it happened, but now the ace bandage is driving him crazy.  Hey we were due an accident, right?  It has been about a month since the staples, lol.


Rockin' it up said...

Awww! Poor G! He seems to be taking it like a big boy. Hope he heals quickly.

BE said...

Yikes! I don't blame you for waiting, ER's are no fun at all. Hope it heals up quickly.

Cliff said...

I'm glad everything looks ok.
Reading on down. I've coached a few 15 member ball teams and I hated it. 12 was my favorite number. With 15 someone won't get enough playing time.
Yeah, with 90 trying out you could use several more teams.

Shannon said...

Yeah I agree, the 9 & 10 teams only take 13 boys. We had six teams in this age group this year. Then they closed the sign ups.