Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where Are You From?

Yesterday, our Farm Service Agency (FSA) lady stopped by to check everything.  She was training a new girl, who just so happened to be tagging along.  After we completed her stuff, we started talking about the twins.  All of a sudden, "new girl" pipes into the conversation......
New Girl- Are you from North Carolina?
Me- Yes.....twenty minutes down the road (I am COMPLETELY taken by surprise by the question).  Why?
New Girl- You don't talk like everyone else around here.
(FSA lady is staring at new girl like she has grown a second head by now.)
Me- I have lived here all my life.
New Girl- Oh.
FSA lady- She sounds fine to me!!!!

What in the crap was she getting at?  Do I NOT sound Southern enough for her liking?  I was really rattled by the whole scenario.  For pete's sake, I am a true G.R.I.T.S. through and through.  If I just so happen to have good grammar..... sue me!


farmersdaughter4ever said...

I HATE it when people ask me that same's like, what the heck, b/c my mom taught me how to talk and I don't kill the English language I'm "not a true country girl"??? WHATEVER! Like Leigh says, I'm a deep south girl...and VERY PROUD of it! Oh well, you can't help she is young and obviously dumb! lol! I can only imagine what she heard when she got back in the car! of been fun to be a fly in that car!

BE said...

Maybe you need to practice your redneck talk more. LOL! Not saying I think everyone around here sounds hillbillyish, but maybe she does. You should have asked her how you were supposed to talk!