Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday the buddies and I went to the Y.  I had some difficulties hanging in at Boot-Camp.  Doing it inside was allot harder than doing it outside.  I would love to know how many calories we burned during the workout.  Oh, and sit-ups on the big ball.......painful.  We did 60, okay, I didn't do all of them.  Maybe 50, I was in pain people.  After the Y, we went over to Sam's.  Now I know that the interstate is the fastest way there, but I was moving extremely slowly.  My reflexes were no where near up to par for merging onto 70 mile per hour traffic.  We took the long way, and went through town.  Shopping alone, with two four year olds is a workout in and of itself.  I ended up pulling two buggy's out to the car, and that wasn't even a months trip.  I have started going every two or three weeks, and getting the stuff myself.  The buddies LOVE to help me unload, and as I was watching them run back and forth, I was wishing that I had HALF of their energy.  After lunch, they played in the sandbox and I mowed the yard.  They were so good, that I got the whole thing finished, and half of the shop yard.  But around four, the bad attitudes started from no naps, and I was regretting the choice to let them play after lunch.  By the time L went to baseball practice at 7:30, it was into overload.  G threw a huge fit at the field, saying he wanted to stay and watch.  Then he started dragging his body all the way back to the middle school parking lot, while yelling that I never let him do anything.  He followed that up, with refusing to get into the car.  GOOD TIMES!  Let's just say that the bath, snack, and teeth brushing couldn't have happened faster when we returned back home.  They didn't even talk after we closed their door.  Normally they chit-chat for about 20 minutes, but last night I think they fell right asleep.  
Anyone seen the high for today?  75 degrees people, get outside!

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BE said...

The bad attitude sounds exactly like Graham- except we seem to go through that almost every day. The dragging to the car, the yelling (ours is usually "You hate me, You are so mean", etc.) And I think some of G's attitude is based on how much sleep he gets. I really think he could still use a nap every day, but yeah that doesn't happen when you have school. Bedtime is early at our house!