Sunday, February 24, 2008

Appalachian or Bust

Whew, we are back at home after our week-end get-away.  Saturday morning we picked up L from his slumber party at school, and we were on our way by 6:30.  The drive was pretty uneventful, except for all of the fog.  Which got thicker and darker, the closer to the mountains that we got. Then, all of a sudden, we were above it and the kids got to see what they had been missing.  They were exclaiming over the high trees and cliffs and valleys.  It was fun to see it through their eyes.  The ride seemed shorter than I had remembered.  We were there by 9.  It wasn't crowded and we parked practically in front of the steps to the lodge.  By the time we were dressed, with skis, boots, poles, and lift tickets, the husband and I were exhausted.  I can't imagine doing all of that with the buddies without some more adult help.  The kids picked up skiing quickly, as kids usually do.  I was scared because I haven't been in 14 years, and didn't want to get hurt.  There was nothing to worry about, because it truly IS like riding a bike.  You never forget.  We started out together, but ended up splitting up.  L and the husband, and W and me.  By lunch time, the boys weren't even falling down at all.  After lunch the crowds got thicker, but it was still not too bad of a wait for the lifts.  By the end the boys went skiing without us, and the husband and I went on the BIG, HUGE  slope.  From the top all you can see is a drop-off and the parking lot.  I was terrified of having to come down the slope in one of those sleds (don't laugh).  But it was all good.  No one fell, and I had to THANK the husband for talking me into going up there with him.  The only time I fell all day, was when we both stopped to help W at the same time, and I rammed right into the husband and BOUNCED off of him onto my tailbone and then my head.  Thank goodness snow is soft.  
We left the slopes with calves burning, and sore feet, that is the adults.  The boys were fine, lol.  We stopped by The Blowing Rock and Mystery Hill on the way to the hotel.  After we checked in, we traveled on to the Mast General Store and the Dan'l Boone Inn for supper.  Good stuff.  The husband and I were pretty wiped out, but the boys weren't tired at all.  They played in the game-room for about an hour, and then we all crashed.
When are my calves going to stop burning?  I feel like they are permanently flexed.  If you see me out and about, I will be the one hobbling around like an old lady.  Don't hurts.  ;)


BE said...

sounds like you had a great time! It's amazing how quick kids catch on to stuff.

Heather's World said...

I'm glad that ya'll had a good time!