Thursday, February 9, 2012


If you have a child that is of the male species, you can understand this frustration. all members of this clan, expect you to be able to read their minds.
Convo with the almost 15 year old:
Him: Here is the track form.  They need the checks ASAP.
Me: K, so you need the uniform and the sweatshirt?
Him: We are getting those slicky suits that are like a sweatsuit but not a sweatsuit.
Me: What?
Him: Like the ones Fries had last year for wrestling.
Me: ?
Him: The ones that are loud.
Me: Ohhhh, the ones that old ladies wear?
Him: Not nice, but I guess.  So I need a check.
(I write out a check and had it to him)
Him: You combined the two amounts?  I need TWO separate checks.
Me: Why didn't you say that to begin with?
(I tear up the first check and give him TWO checks)
Him: WHAT!  I need a check for the uniform AND the track suit, and a check for the sweatshirt.
Me: How much is the first one?
Him: The same amount as the one you tore up.
Me: Step.Away.From.My.Stool.


Rockin' it up said...

too funny! Dave and I CANNOT come up with a girl name we both agree on, so we're agreeing it's going to be a

Shannon said...

oh, you need some ideas...I didn't get to use any of mine, lol

Cliff said...

I'd say it's time for the "Don't mess with the cook, speech."