Monday, January 9, 2012

Santa Delivers

 Legos are still a favorite of the boys, as they are the best gift ever.  Wyatt asked for a Mindstorm this year.  You can build things that you program commands for on your computer.  Yes, sounds complicated, but he is my engineering genius and it is all a game to him.  :)
 The buddies wanted different bed sets, as they are really starting to show their individual personalities the older they get.  They also got some games, basketball shoes, Legos, and clothes.
 Levi's list was super short.  He has wanted another bike forever.  He loves to ride around four miles a day if he has time after school, wrestling, and bagging corn.  I am personally ready to get that punching bag of his going because it is a great workout.
Landon's dad and one of his brothers come over for Christmas breakfast every year.  So we break for eggs, grits and bacon, and then they play with the kids stuff.  More to come.


Cliff said...

Looks like another great Christmas on the farm. Levi will use that bike up, I would bet.

Shannon said...

Yeah, he loves it!

Rockin' it up said...

thanks for the pix!

Nancy M. said...

Looks like they had a great Christmas! This was the first year that my oldest didn't ask for a Lego. I was quite surprised. Of course right after Christmas he started playing with his Legos again. Never can tell with that boy!