Saturday, November 5, 2011

Phone call from the boy:
L-Mom? I can't practice with the team today.
L-I failed the urine test.
Me-(How did I miss this!  My child is on drugs!  What are we going to do!)
L-Mom, are you still there?  You aren't saying anything.
Me-I can't breathe.  You failed a drug test?
L-WHAT!  It was a hydration test.  I'm dehydrated.  You thought I was on drugs?
Me-LEVI! Start out the phone call with I'm dehydrated.  Not, I failed a urine test.  Geez, I almost had a heart attack!

Never a dull moment over here.


Rockin' it up said...

still makin me laugh :) Sorry for the heart attack though :)

Ralph said...

Okay why am I sitting here laughing as hard as I am? I was a parent too you know!

Shannon said...

Yeah, it is It wasn't then. :)

Cliff said...

This was good.