Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bible School

 These are off of my very old iPhone, so the camera is horrible.  The pics are from Bible school this past summer.  We had themed nights.  The first one is silly hair.  The buddies loved their awesome sideburns and several kids told them how great they were.
 The second night was seventies night.  I got the shirts at Salvation Army for fifty cents and the necklaces on clearance for a dollar.  They already had the sashes from a different Bible school last year.
The last night was eighties night.  The best thing I saw was a boy wearing a shirt his mom made that said "Save Ferris".  BTW, Ashlyn, I am still waiting on mine.  :)  The buddies want everyone to know that the boys smoked the girls by dressing up every night, bringing their Bibles, and canned goods for the food pantry.


Rockin' it up said...

oh I only WISH guys had stopped wearing stripes and camo--what is UP with that???

Shannon said...

They think camo is a neutral like khaki.

Nancy M. said...

Love the outfits! They rock!