Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day

School started last Thursday and everyone was back on schedule without much trouble. I was actually amazed by how smoothly everything went. Levi is on the bus at 6:25, the Buddies are on at 7:35, and Wyatt brings up the rear at 8:30.
It is actually pretty nice because I get to spend some time with them all before they leave. Above are the second grade supplies minus the 4 extra composition books the teacher asked for after the first day. This year we also had to pay a supply fee to help off set the budget cut backs our schools have been suffering from. So far they are all loving their teachers and classes. I have my fingers crossed that it stays this way all year!


raising4boys said...

We are off to a good start too. And I would have to admit (although I'm still getting use to the earlier schedule) it's nice spending time in the morning with my oldest who leaves first.

Shannon said...

I agree, I really enjoy it!

Nancy M. said...

That's a lot of different supplies you got there and buses to catch! Glad they're liking school!