Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Banana Pudding

Conversation with the hubs after he had been digging around in the fridge for several minutes.

Him: Where is it?
Me: Where's what?
Him: The banana pudding.
Me: Banana pudding?
Him: Yeah.
Me: There is no banana pudding.
Him: What? The kids ate a whole banana pudding?
Me: No, I haven't made banana pudding today.
Him: But....there are vanilla wafers out.......
Me: Let me get this straight, you saw vanilla wafers and automatically assumed that there was pudding?
Him: Yes.
Me: The buddies were eating the vanilla wafers for a snack.
Him: That's just wrong.

(Here in the South some of us take our "naner puddin" VERY seriously. )

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BE said...

that is funny!