Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Levi!!!!

Okay, so I am a wee bit behind in blogging. Levi turned 14 on May 3. I really can't believe he is that old. I can still vividly remember calling the hubs and telling him it was time to go to the hospital.
His response was....are ya sure? Yep, my water broke, and the doctor said to go on and he would meet us there, was my response. As you can see, 14 years later, we spent the afternoon and evening at MPHS on the track.
He did very well. As we were leaving, he noticed the huge board on the stadium with all of the track records for the high schoolers. Talk about incentive. He didn't even have to say it outloud, I knew he was thinking how awesome it would be if he was on that board one day.
I am really not sure when the short, chunky boy turned into the tall, lanky boy that he is today. It was a gradual process that seems lightning fast presently. Happy birthday to Levi, my firstborn. I love you!


BE said...

Can't believe he's 14! Wow, the time has just flown by. Happy Birthday, Levi!

Rockin' it up said...

I put on his FB wall that I could remember the night he was born so well! I remember rushing to the hospital with Daddy :)