Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sunday, after early service, we headed out to Carowinds with my family. Shot of the grandkids and Wyatt's friend.
The buddies were tall enough to ride this, but not the bumper cars. Go figure.
Everything has changed from Nickelodeon, to Planet Snoopy.
The kids had a blast and are ready to go again ASAP!


Rockin' it up said...

wasn't that orange rollercoaster something about rugrats?

Shannon said...

Yeah, not sure what it is now.

Cliff said...

Shannon, I loved catching up on your clan. I hated track. So did my kids even though my middle child qualified for the state trackmeet in the 800.
The baseball pics got me excited. No one starts baseball this early around here. The 2 grandkids here on the farm are signed up and practicing though. We're looking forward to our 12 year old playing baseball again. He's 5'10" and very coachable. Only hope he gets a good coach. We do take him to Omaha for private coaching however.
I loved bumper cars but of course we didn't have stuff like go carts and ATV's.
Crazy about the shoes. Poor quality for sure.

Judy said...

I'm ready to go again also! I had so much fun.

Shannon said...

Name the date Mom.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my kids would love the Snoopy theme!

Nancy M. said...

Looks like y'all had fun! I always thought the bumper cars height requirements were stupid! I haven't been to Carowinds in forever, I know my kids would probably like it.