Thursday, March 10, 2011

ReeBok ReeZig=Reebok ReeRip

Two weeks ago I purchased these running shoes from Reebok for the boy for track.
They are supposedly some "new" technology that is super light and thin, and the shoe is allowed to breathe as you run.
The boy loves wearing them to run in and says they are really comfortable. Problem? They started getting tiny holes in them last week, that have now started to turn into a rip.
I went back to Foot Locker, but they can't do anything because the shoes have been worn. They did say to contact ReeBok. I have emailed the company and am waiting a reply. Hopefully the shoes won't fall apart completely while we are waiting.
UPDATE: ReeBok told me I can return them to the store for an even exchange. Stay tuned.


BE said...

B's aren't tearing like that. Her's have a different material on the side or maybe they would have. :(

Her's has strips on the bottom and they are peeling off. We could probably super glue them back, but we just bought them less than 2 weeks ago (Feb 26) and I don't think you should need to glue back parts of a shoe that is that new. We are not happy.

This is the first time we have bought Reebok in years upon years and it may be the last.

Hope it gets worked out easily and quickly.

Shannon said...

I agree, I never get Reebok and am not impressed. I did get the store manager this morning and she said to bring them back when I told her Reebok told me to tell her that. Funny how their story changes. Shoes are expensive and should not fall apart after two weeks of wear. I think this style has been discontinued, I haven't seen them anywhere since we got them. The newer ones are thicker on the sides.