Monday, March 14, 2011


Boy-I had to run an extra lap at track today.
Boy-I was tapping on the cooler.
Me- You were tapping on the cooler......
Boy-Yeah. I was tapping on the cooler and Mr. Brooks told me to take a step back.
Me- Okay.....
Boy-So I took one step back and kept tapping on the cooler.
Me-You kept tapping on the cooler. (frowning)
Boy-Yeah. And then he got real mad and told me to take a lap.
Me-You KNEW take a step back meant to stop beating on the cooler.
Boy-He never said to stop tapping the cooler....he SAID to take a step back. Which I did.
Me-You directly disrespected his authority.
Boy-But mom.....
Boy-It was a great beat.


Nancy M. said...

Boys! They'll drive you crazy, lol!

The answer to your comment is, I'm not real sure how the fire started? My hubby was mowing, so either he hit a rock and sparked it, or maybe the exhaust caught the clippings on fire, not sure? We had it bush-hogged a week or so ago, so everything was dead and dry. Finally talked my hubby into going to the dr. this afternoon about his arm.

I know what you mean about blogs that only do advertising. I don't like those, either. I only plan to keep doing as I have, with regular posts, then giveaways when possible. I don't plan to take money for posting anything. I wanted to share things I learned from the conference in case it could help someone else.

Shannon said...

Nancy I love your blog. I am so glad your husband is okay. Hope his arm heals quickly!

Rockin' it up said...

dave and i both laughed at this---i probably woulda laughed harder except that is my day every day....oh dear

Shannon said...

I posted this for you sis! :)