Monday, January 31, 2011


Friday was field trip day. We went to the circus at the arena where the Bobcats play. I had never been to this arena and it is quite fancy. It is also quite inconvenient to get to and park around, and I am not sure why Charlotte thought we needed another one built in the middle of downtown, but it is very nice inside nonetheless.
The circus has changed the way they do their transitions. When they are working to change an act, they lower a system with neon panels from the ceiling and distract the younger ones with an act on the side or from above. Then the act leaves and "viola" a new one appears seemingly from no where. One time while a motorcycle was riding on a tight-wire literally above our seats, they bought out another act. G looked at me when they raised the panels and exclaimed....WHERE DID THAT COME FROM! It was hilarious.
Their favorites were the dirt-bikes, the trampoline guys and a little person clown that was in almost every act. The music is awesome....Queen, Vanilla Ice, etc.....and they get around on Segways that they steer with their legs. The bars stop at their knees. They also told me that the clowns dance like their big brother does. You know.....moon walking and the running man forwards, sideways and backwards. :)
Oh, and the baby elephant that was born at the Ringling Bros. center was the crowd fav. There was a very loud "awwwwwww" from the crowd when he came out with his mom. He was as cute as a baby elephant can be. They also enjoyed the dog that led the adult elephants around, and then jumped on the backs of horses and llamas. If you haven't been to the circus lately I highly suggest you pack up the kiddies and go. May all your days be circus days!


BE said...

It sounds like they had a great time! We haven't taken the kids in years (L has never been and I'm not sure G even remembers going.)

Cliff said...

We toured the Ringling brothers winter quarters (in the old days) in Barabou Wisconsin a few years ago. Since then I've had nothing but respect for the show. A study of the old show is really interesting stuff. It was a traveling city of 3000 people. They had their own stores, barbers, and etc. Each of the five brothers had their own job and stayed out of the others business. Some were new venues, logistics, show management, finances and so on. Great memories from looking at your pics. I'm glad the kids had a good time.
We're snowed in and school will be out again tomorrow. Our two grandkids from up the lane are here for the night. I measured C. (12 years old) he's 5'10. Growing like a weed.