Friday, October 8, 2010

Trading Up

After weeks of decisions and waiting and researching, this arrived at the shop. I hadn't seen it in person, so when it drove into the driveway I actually exclaimed "O.M.G".
I wasn't mentally prepared for the size and shiny roundness of it! These are the corn and bean headers on a cart. They are way to big to take down the road on the combine. Lord have mercy on me driving these babies around from field to field. (stop laughing Leigh)
Old faithful. It looks pitiful doesn't it? All dirty and square and boxy. Peace out 9500, you have served us well. Man time flies. We bought it when Levi was a baby. I still remember who was in the field the first time Landon cut with it. Many a child has napped in that cab. S was upset when he was told about the new one.....until he SAW the new one, lol. Now everyone is fighting for a ride after school. And no, this is NOT my anniversary present. :)


Rockin' it up said...

lol! PS--on Wednesday of last week I noticed (on my calendar) that is was your anniversary the next day....then I promptly forgot :( SORRY! Happy anniversary!!! I hope it was nice :). I'll get you some Biltmore tickets to make up for it shall it? ;) Love you!

raising4boys said...

It looks awesome! My boys would love a ride in it too. How sweet the memories you wrote about your old tractor. Love it, and Good Luck driving it, lol!