Friday, September 17, 2010


Normally, our hired help drives the trucks back and forth, from the field to the grain bins to unload and come back to be reloaded.
As you can see, we have two grain trucks, a semi and a grain cart that we are using this year. This helps so that the combine operator (aka Landon) does not catch up to the truck driver.
Upon arrival at the grain bins, we check the moisture level of the corn. It can't be to damp or it will spoil in the bins and build up toxins that are harmful to animals, and thus be unusable. Levi is sitting in front of our dryer, where the corn goes for a certain amount of time, to get dry enough to be stored. It runs off of propane. Here he is watching as it unloads into the pit.
A better shot of the grain bins. This thing behind the Gator is an auger. If you are married to a farmer you know that one can NEVER have too many augers. This moves grain around from place to place from the bottom where the truck is, to the top of a bin, or vice versa.
This set of bins has what we call a pit. The trucks unload into a pit and then the grain is sent up to the top of this maze and to the bin that is being loaded. This system enables you to not have to move augers around like our other bins across the street. After the corn is stored, you play the market. You watch the market just like a stock broker and play the wait or sell game. Some of our corn, wheat, oats, milo, and soybeans we bag and sell to other people directly, and some we load into the semi and truck to a neighboring farm called Talley Farms. The first thing they do is check the moisture level at a random place in the load, while they are weighing the truck. If it is too high they dock your pay. The bins allow us to better play the market for the best price possible.


Elizabeth said...

Very informative.

So in that last photo, that pipe contraption sucks the corn from a bin below and then shoots it all up through the pipes and then into separate metal bins?

And then when exactly do you use an auger? Is it after the corn is stored in its bin... then you poke the auger into the bin and it mixes around? Like a really big Kitchen Aid mixer?

Shannon said...

I will post some auger pics tomorrow. They are on my iPhone and Wyatt is going to have to show me how to do that. Got to go move an auger right now, lol.

Elizabeth said...

Guess what?! I took the kids and we were driving to a playdate. We passed our local AutoTire store and there was an AUGER in the parking lot! I didn't stop, but I felt so educated because I actually knew what it was!!! All because of Shannon!