Friday, September 3, 2010


I have got to take a moment to brag about Sam's Optical care. When soccer started, we were told that Wyatt would not be allowed to wear his glasses on the field. I called Cabarrus Eye Center (our normal eye care people) and was told they could not see him until the end of October. Who do they think they are.....the dentist? Sheesh. I told them that was no good and why he needed to see the doc ASAP. But she didn't budge. So I called Sam's. The lady caught me off-guard by soon could you be here? So I signed Wyatt out of school at 12:30 and headed to Concord. We walked right on in. The only problem we had was Wyatt understanding the lady's very New York accent. She said, "Why-att....can ya reed the bwad?" "Hummm?" was his reply. I tried to contain my laughter. He later told me he wasn't sure if she was speaking English. Then we saw the eye doctor. We walked through a door into Sam's and ordered the Rec Specs and new lenses for his current school frames. And in 40 minutes we were back in the car. He only missed one block of school. It was absolutely awesome. And to Cabarrus Eye Center I have lost a few customers. Oh, Sam's just called, the glasses are in. Two days! Again, awesome.

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Marel Lecone said...

Good recommendation. I have pretty good luck with my near-work Sears optical. I really liked it when I was in a jam that they were able to take me right away too. A lifesaver! The eye thing is always hard because I never have an er emergency but with one contact lens and having lost the other--I'm in so much trouble! :)