Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harvesting Corn

For Elizabeth.


Elizabeth said...

Is it required that farmers listen to Cyndi Lauper while they harvest? Does it make the corn happier? :)

Thank you for posting that! So, there are cone-shaped drill doodads on the front of the plow/thingy? Oh, wait! I just looked it up online and it's called a "combine." (In case you didn't know, of course. Ahem.) The corn stalks get cut and then shoved under the machine into something on back?

I think I need to come visit your farm for a first-hand lesson. :)

Shannon said...

Okay, Elizabeth, more details to come. The main one is that the "doodads" are part of a huge piece on the front of the combine called the header. It pulls the ears off of the stalks and then threshes them (aka takes the corn off of the cobs). The corn goes into the top of the combine and everything else gets chopped and thrown out of the rear of the combine onto the ground. More pics in a jiffy.