Friday, September 24, 2010

Cabarrus County Fair

I took the boys to the fair on school night, so they each got in for one dollar. It was Levi's second time going . He also went with a friend on Saturday night, to ride rides, when our Sunday School class picked up trash. I haven't heard how much we earned for the building fund, but we had a blast.
This is one of the rides that the buddies were bummed about, because they are only about one inch too short to ride the big kid rides. Wyatt rode it several times. I was surprised that it wasn't that crowded and the darker it got the less people were there.
The last hour we were there, the kids could ride something and jump right back on it, and ride again. We definitely got our 20 dollars worth out of our wristbands.
How cool is this one? Levi and Wyatt had fun on it. I would let them go ride by themselves on the big ride side and give them a time, and we would meet up to see how everyone was doing. They were awesome at keeping up with it. In fact, one time I was 3 minutes late and they were pretty perturbed.
This one was like the Drop Zone at Carowinds. They rode it too many times and S got a little woozy. The girl in the middle has a brother on Wyatt's soccer team. We had so much fun! Every ride was running and, of course, it is super clean. Check it out next year. And remember, on Sunday you get in free with a canned food item for the Mount Pleasant food ministry.


Nancy M. said...

What great fun! I miss going to the fair there. We don't have a county one where we live now. So sad!

Shannon said...

Yep, the new grounds are really nice. You should come up next year and go.