Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday (with kids)

6:00 pm take fifth grader to his first dance
6:15 pm stop by Whataburger to pick up supper
6:30 pm hubs needs ride from Pharr Farmplace
7:00 pm finally get to eat, then put up chickens
8:00 pm hubs needs ride from another farmplace
8:30 pm take other boy to the Lighthouse @ church
9:00 pm pick up first boy from school dance
11:30 pm get other boy from Lighthouse

Scratch the last entry, my favorite neighbor just offered to bring boy home, with her boy, from Lighthouse. Wow, remember when a Friday night consisted of eating in a restaurant and maybe catching a movie? Those were the days. ;)


"B" said...

Oddly my friday did consist of dinner and a movie lol

Cliff said...

Our friday nite consisted of Marilyn collapsing in her Lazyboy chair after a really long day of grooming dogs and me at the local, annual rodeo running the admissions booth. Romantic also.

Shannon said...

Funny Bethany. sounds like she was grooming you also. :)

Rockin' it up said...

i went to a party where there was a huge slip-n-slide and massive inflatable boxing ring :). It was pretty awesome.

Shannon said...

Rub it in Leigh! Glad you had fun!