Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conversation in the Changing Room

This was my conversation in the changing room of Marshall's last night with the buddies....
Mama....did you used to be skinny?
Did you used to be skinny. Like Aunt Bethany.
Like Bethany?
Okay, not as small as Aunt Bethany, but I was tiny.
When was that?
Before I had kids.
Before I had Levi, Wyatt and you guys.
Oh, because the doctor cut your tummy?
Yep, three times.
And you had a fat belly?
Because there were TWO babies in there?
And it was US?
(sheesh, where is this going) Yes.
And then your tummy was cut open and the doctor pulled us out.
Ummhummmmm. Can we play the quiet game?
And then we were here and you were so happy?
Yeah, then you learned how to talk.

(At this point there was hysterical laughter heard from the other side of the wall. Seems the lady thought this was quite funny. If anyone wants to borrow them to find summer me.)


Rockin' it up said...


Shannon said...

Oh yeah, funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed this for breakfast conversation at the McDonald home. Miriam wants to know what a farmer's wife does. Oh my! I tried to explain, but she didn't get it. She said "like a slave?"...I gave her "the look". Thought you might get a laugh outta that since we all feel like slaves some days.


Shannon said...

Bonnie, that is cute. Tell her I run errands, pick up Landon from this or that field, drive dump trucks, go to the FSA office, try to help with the mountain of paperwork for the county and gov., etc.