Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Desktop was only showing a white screen. Apple peeps refer to it as the "white screen of death". Hubs and I made an appointment at the Genius Bar to see what the trouble was.
Conversation with Apple Genius:
AG- Your hard drive has died.
Me- What does that mean?
AG- You are going to need a new hard drive.
Hubs- Did we just lose everything on that hard drive?
AG- Yes.
Hubs- All the pictures of my kids for the past three years?
AG- Did you back them up with the Time Machine?
Hubs- I have a different one, not Time Machine.
AG- Hopefully it was doing it's job.
Me- Is this normal.....the hard drive only lasts for three years?

(Dude beside us says he is on his second one. Not helping dude.)

AG- Yes, pretty much. Do you want a new one?

(This question was like asking a kid of they want some candy.)

We left our baby for surgery. 5 to 7 days without my desktop. I am lonely. He could of at least played taps or something as we left the Apple store.

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